What is the art? What is the art?
I think this to be the same as a thing called something with the human being
As for the mental product to produce human as for the art is because is it.

It is a theme of the eternity what the human being goes ahead through to where for a purpose.
And art, the purpose of the art? The meaning?
I always think about it.

My work seems to belong to the field called “the realism” if I classify it
The realism is translated as “realism” in Japan; and as posture to express the situation of the reality world plainly generally.
I seem to tend I am visual, and to point at “a concreteness picture” such as the photograph in the picture.However, I include a meaning called “the reality” in words of the rial, and the category opens to “an abstraction picture” if I can include expression of the sense as mental “reality”.
I make much of mental real contents expressed by a visual, realistic expression method (realism), and I may be to be “an abstraction picture” in this sense.

It is common to pick an expression method and contents for the purpose of expressing mental reality in the world of the art, but to see it to a thing entering at “the model” in the seeking after truth mark that seems to be the martial arts and calligraphy; can leave for the mind from the skill and an action (an expression method).
Expression method itself called the realism becomes “a model” first because “realism” as the expression method wants to do it, and, in the case of me, it is it for a driving force to bring about value of the mind.
The work to copy all the visual phenomena obediently includes contents of the study in the act, and the mind situation in the process is asked.And accumulation of the small realization that was able to be similar shows expression contents and the purpose to me each time. It leads to the next drawing intention.
In other words that the act that is going to polish the skill leads to mental growth, and mental growth lets polish the further skill; repeat it, and the purpose is peaceful, and is harmony, and is healing. This may be to be the thing which can be called “even picture art of painting”.

My having both visual reality and mental real both sides of the expression use it for the pillar, but is an ideal method of the expression that past great masters demanded the act that is going to picture the essence of the motif in the cut end by a visual phenomenon from, and it in itself is not a new thing. It already seems to have been already lived on only the meaning exhaustively.
・・・However, I go over time, and the diversity of the masterpiece which past writers brought about goes over the space and continues attracting me.・・・
It is attracted in particular by a work produced for a Buddhist image and a Buddhist painting of the Buddhism, religion such as a sculpture and the fresco of the Christian church.(It thinks that it is not only me)In Buddha and posture called the blessing and anxiety, I feel space and some kind of human universal existence to find beyond time.To me, I have a feeling that there is the answer that “what is with the beauty” there.

I grope for the production of the picture which let I grow, and esprit called “the present age” work as a witness in the times while researching the universal value that does not change from the past to the future almost the Renaissance when I can bring back the Greece times not を pillar which “different”, “is interesting” and prevalent art to do to be “surprised” at just to say that I am merely new.Thanks for my Buddha and God and the feelings of the prayer are right “reality”.
I think about the influence that a work of art gives people and I pray for my work helping the human a little and draw it.